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Systems Integration

The better your systems work together the stronger your protection. 

Our solutions focus on a single platform approach of your complex security systems.  We connect disparate security technologies to provide enhanced functionality. The result is easier system management, powerful reporting capabilities, and greater customization.

With the ability to integrate multiple locations and technologies, Senex Security provides sophisticated real-time management of all of systems, including access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and related systems.

We examine a facility’s security goals and challenges, and come back with cost-effective solutions. Our design-build concept development allows freedom in putting together the most efficient system available.

Increased security can also result in convenience to the end users as automation takes over some of the functions. With your security in our paramount focus, we give you all the convenience your systems can offer.

Let us show you the true potential of your security applications. 

Our free on-site security review and consultation brings expert advice, options and solutions.

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From commercial to government, we offer superior service and custom solutions to best suit your needs.

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