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Security Management

Take full advantage of our experience by hiring Senex Security to manage your security operations. We deploy best security practices, state-of-the-art technology, and guarantee code compliance.  Let us demonstrate our expertise by designing a streamlined operation, that gives you the ultimate protection. Switch to Senex now and access a wide range of value added services.

 Our Security Management Approach Includes:

> Evaluating existing security practices

> Establishing accurate and detailed systems inventory

> Determining security risks

> Designing security polices

> Creating a multi-layered security plan

> Administering systems inventory

> Overseeing the proper operation of protective systems

> Planning and administering the security improvements

> Enforcing and administering regular system maintenance

> Creating secure system backup schedules

> Completing regular system inspections

> Organizing site specific security documentation

> Acting as liaison with police, fire and other safety regulatory bodies

> Designing and maintaining access privileges and limitations

> Establishing proper key, card, PIN and password control

> Providing regular security reports 

With our expert security management practices, your systems will deliver to their full potential.  We properly address all security priorities and diminish criminal threats.

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Our free on-site security review and consultation brings expert advice, options and solutions.

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