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Intrusion Alarms

We design powerful intrusion detection systems with cutting edge technology. Our approach is multi-layered:

>  Fail-proof perimeter protection provides early warning before an intruder enters

>  Interior devices placed strategically to trace an intruder’s movements

>  Communication security guarantees reliable signal transmission

>  Automated test reporting ensures early detection of any of system component trouble

>  Each device and communication module is monitored for tamper

Response to an emergency can only be guaranteed if the alarms are monitored in real time.

Our remote security monitoring and mobile security guard services mean that help is on the way when you need it. Our ULC Central Monitoring Station is fully equipped and ready to respond to your alarm without delay.

We have extensive experience in tailoring installations to match unique security requirements. Our expert security consultants will survey your premises and recommend the best security solution to meet your specific needs. 

Alarm System Features:

> Burglar Alarm

> Fire and Smoke Detection

> Two-Way Voice Monitoring

> GSM Backup Reporting

> Carbon Monoxide Detection

> Flood Detection

> Temperature Monitoring

> Medical Alarm

Our free on-site security review and consultation brings expert advice, options and solutions.


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