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Condominium, or high-rise residential security is considered an area of the security market with its own unique challenges. Unlike commercial facilities, the occupants of residential high-rise buildings call the buildings home. There is a lot of dynamic activity with visitors always coming and going at different times of day and night.

Working closely with property management firms Senex Security provides services uniquely assembled to protect the home and private life of condo dwellers.

We have developed a software program that integrates security into condo operational management. All of our incident reports are done through our web-based application. We deploy instant notification and the building’s property management has access to it through a remote link. Our system records daily logs and visitor parking with licence plate numbers, the receiving and delivering of packages and accumulates all data in a central location. 

Our systems increase the property value, while providing convenience and peace of mind for the residents.

Our integrated approach offers:

> Enter-phone solutions

> Parking and garage control

> Electronic access control throughout the building

> Credential based Elevator Control

> Elevator Emergency Phone Monitoring

> High Definition Camera Systems

> Alarm and Video monitoring

> Remote system administration

> Regular systems audit

> Preventative Maintenance

> Security Management

> Guard Tours

> Security Systems Integration

> Full Risk Assessment

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